Benchmark Antlers


Benchmark Antler Co.

We are proud to partner with Benchmark Antler Company. High-quality, naturally shed elk and deer antler dog chews. All dog chews are healthy, long lasting and 100% all-natural. They are a tasty treat your dog will be sure to love. All antlers from Benchmark Antler Company are collected off the ground, from wild and free ranging deer and elk in the Pacific Northwest. They are not treated with any products, chemicals or additives.

Yes, we believe that they are the best option!

- Good source of essential vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Zinc
- Excellent tooth scrubbers and promote proper gum health
- No additives- No artificial coloring
- No flavor enhancers- Antler chews will not splinter
- 100% mess and odor free
- Product of the USA

Deer antlers are much denser and less porous than elk antlers. Recommended for dogs that can tolerate chewing a harder substance, are aggressive chewers, or larger breed dogs. Elk antlers are typically larger in diameter, are less dense and much more punky/porous on the interior of the antler. Recommended for less aggressive chewers, dogs that can’t tolerate chewing harder substances, or possibly an older age dog.

Split chews will not last as long as a solid piece of antler. This is because the tasty marrow of the antler is exposed. Whereas on a solid antler the dog will have to chew through the antlers outer shell to get to the marrow on the interior. If your dog is a heavy chewer, we do not recommend split chews as they will consume them much faster than a whole antler. Whole antlers are a better choice if you’re seeking a longer lasting chew or have a dog that is a heavy chewer. Please also note that some dogs will prefer only a split antler.