Herm Sprenger® Collars

"Quality, that performs"

Herm Sprenger

The high quality products made by SPRENGER are achieved through a variety of trades in combination with a large quantity of modern and classic machinery and equipment. The final inspection and packaging of the finished product is a critical part of the normal daily function with the result that, in contrast to bulk production methods, the finished products will come in touch with the hands of a person.

Each collar is stamped with the brand name HS-Germany (HS-GERMAN INOX / HS-CUROGAN) on the rings, swivels and some additional places on certain products. This marking serves as a verification of brand recognition for each Sprenger product.

Besides the stamp “HS-GERMANY INOX” on all rings of the collars made of stainless steel, Sprenger labels this premium material, whether polished or blackened, with an additional tag that is marked with a red dot. With help of this it is possible to differentiate a stainless steel collar from a chromed steel one at first sight.

While the NeckTech Fun is a pure necklace for guiding the dog, the NeckTech Sport is a chain with the possibility of punctual impact and is therefore a good and fancy alternative to the use of a standard training collar.

The individual elements of the patented NECK TECH are punched from strip material and are available in different qualities, which can be individually combined with each other.

The NeckTech in combination with the ClicLock fastener is extremely durable and long-lasting.