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Fi ready COBRA EVO Collar RS2
Jessica J. (Irving, US)

High quality collar paired with high quality customer service.

Fi ready COBRA EVO Collar Olive Drab
Crystal A. (Seattle, US)
Best collars!

We’ve used these collars with both versions of the Fi tracker. We have two Great Pyrenees and they are not gentle on their gear. The snaps are so sturdy and I’ve never seen a frayed area despite their roughhousing. Excellent customer service as well!

Exactly what I wanted

The collar arrived and was perfect.

Fi Ready COBRA Pro Collar Red
Jennifer H. (Fredericksburg, US)
Awesome colllar

Awesome collar, durable well made!

A True Game Changer!

Was struggling to get my 16months old Malinois with high prey drive above the 80% recall threshold without using an E-collar.
I was skeptical at first but figured a $12 investment was worth the try.
Wow - Within 2 days of using the whistle we achieved a 100% recall. My only regret was not to buy a second one - this time with a lanyard.

Fi ready COBRA® EVO Collar Red
Maya D. (Dayton, US)
Fi Collar

Love these collars. Last for years!

VBuckle Collar Fire
Justin (Lillington, US)
Ok, but needs to be monitored during scratching.

The collar held up fine until our puppy started scratching, which his feet were able to disengage the latch that holds the collar together. Now I find it laying around the house or off with him chewing on it. It seems to be fine for a collar if you don't have intentions of keeping it on at all times.

Fi ready COBRA EVO Collar Multicam
Owen M. (Ashburn, US)
Best of the Best

We just recently ungraded to FI Series 3 for our dog Stanley. We wanted a different collar and not many companies are up to speed with the series 3 yet. This collar is the best we’ve had! Its design, style, and security is top notch. The FI gps was easy to install. Very fast customer service through text as well. Highly recommend. (Here’s a pic of our lil guy Stanley! Hard to see the entire collar because of his neck jig lol)

Fi ready COBRA EVO Collar Navy
Brian J. (Austin, US)
My favorite Fi collar so far

Classic solid design that also makes it so the Fi GPS unit isn’t the connecting the collar. This is helpful bc the Fi GPS unit weak point is where the collars connect to the GPS. I have had issues in the past with the weak point on the GPS failing bc my dogs pulls when it’s running on leash or tethered. Going to replace my collars with more like this.

Fi ready COBRA® EVO Collar Red
Bob B. (Naperville, US)
Fantastic Product and Wonderful Company

I couldn't be happier with the collar we ordered. The clasp on our previous collar wore down leading to an escaped dog running dangerously close to a busy street and all the ensuing panic that entails. Alpinhound's clasp gives me the comfort knowing that won't be an issue moving forward.

Fi Ready COBRA EVO Collar Black
Stephen S. (Miami, US)
Great Alternative for the Fi module

The collar is very well made, it is sturdy and the buckle is reassuringly strong. Very happy with this as an alternative to the provided Fi collar.


I purchased this for my daughter’s pup for Christmas. It seemed to be that something special to give as a gift. I’m excited for “Sunny” to get her present. Thank you for offering quality products

Keanu Reeves loves his bling!

Our boy Keanu Reeves has never looked more dapper!

COBRA Biothane Collar Orange
Brian D. (Olathe, US)
A great solution!

I was looking for a collar that would not absorb the sometimes-smelly scent of our dog. A friend recommended I get a collar made from synthetic materials. I went to our trusty supplier dog things, AlpinHound and as usual they had just the solution, a Biothane Collar.

Fi ready COBRA EVO Collar RS2
Elizabeth W. (Cincinnati, US)
Great collar

My dogs were pulling their collars off when they wrestled around in the yard - the typical plastic clasps weren’t strong enough. With this collar problem solved - great clasp and everybody loves the stripes!

Fi ready COBRA EVO Collar Kryptek Raid
Gabriella A. (Muskego, US)
Coolest collars!

Hi! Just wanted to saw that my pup and I love these collars! This is our second Fi ready collar. The first one still looks great but I just wanted another option for him! He is also a 28 lbs beagle so kind of on the smaller size and the collar is a nice size on him. It is built to last and gives me a sense of security when he has it on because I know it’s not going anywhere. The arrival time of the collar was very fast and Greg and the team are wonderful if you have any questions or requests. You should definitely get one of these collars for your pup, you won’t regret it!

Absolutely love this!

Great looking and very functional collar. The cliclock also makes a world of difference for those who have arthritis!

COBRA Cordura Collar Multicam Black
Ken R. (Manchester, US)

Well made ! Real rugged cobra clip, finally found the collar that I’ve been looking for, bought several others and got ripped off with cheap clips or inferior material. I would highly recommend this collar to anyone looking for a strong secure collar

Fi Ready COBRA Pro Collar Hot Green
Destiny G. (Lake Havasu City, US)
Lovely collar

It arrived so quickly and it is built tough, you can tell it is high quality my big boy loves it and I feel confident it is strong enough for him.

Fi Ready COBRA Pro Collar Wolf Gray
Patrick S. (Sandia Park, US)
Great collar!

We couldn't be happier with the collar - it's stylish as well as very functional and secure.

Fidlock V-buckle 25mm Split Bar Black with Pull

Awesome buckles to replace the ones I had on my backpack. Quick shipping and easy to add on. Work fantastic!

Fidlock V-buckle 25mm Split Bar Black with Pull

Fidlock V-buckle 25mm Split Bar Black with Pull

Fidlock® SNAP Male S Screw Low

Great price for these Fidlock Male S! Great quality. Parts worked perfectly with the Fidlock Female S that I also purchased. Greg was kind enough to notify me that my original order had mismatched sizes and allowed me to cancel my original order and place a new one, while letting me know of a discounted 4-pack of the Male S's. Amazing products and amazing customer service

CP Belt
CP Belt

Bought this belt for my fiance for Christmas and while he loved it it ended up being to small. Greg was great at accommodating an exchange for the correct size, both times the belts shipped out and arrived in the same week and now my fiance is really enjoying his new belt!

Fidlock® SNAP Female S Screw Low

Fidlock® SNAP Female S Screw Low