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Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Navy Blue
aaron foster (Roseville, US)
Great product

Strong and overbuilt, just how I thing all things should be made

COBRA® Cordura Collar Red
Juliana McGlosson (Falls Church, US)
Love this collar!

This is the second collar we've bought - we loved the first one so much for our dog Iceman that when our new puppy grew big enough we purchased the red collar for her too. We needed a durable collar for our active dogs and these are the best collars I've found that last and still hold up over time where the buckle doesn't fail over time.

Great Collar, Great Customer Service

I bought this to replace the original FI brand collar and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. It is very well-made and I really like the high visibility color. But what really stood out was the great customer service. Greg took the time to answer all of my questions, provided insights on buckle choice and the turnaround time in getting my order out to me was extremely quick.

Heavy duty!

This collar is built like a tank. No worries at all with our coonhound.

Great quality collar

Nice and bright, fit Fi perfectly and love the clasp

Amazing Quality & Amazing Customer Service

Received my Fi Compatible Evo Cobra Pro Collar today and from the moment I saw it I was eager to write a review - this collar is constructed incredibly well. I would be lying if I said I didn't look at this color before I even adopted Remus. I had been keeping my eye on the new Evo collars for awhile and was hoping to see a release for the color in coyote, I decided to reach out to customer service and Greg promptly told me that I could order the collar in coyote at no extra charge. The collar arrived a within the week I ordered it, including my Rifle Clip Key Ring and Fox 40 whistle. I have no doubt in the integrity of this collar and can guarantee I will be a returning customer.

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Multicam
chad w chapman (Los Angeles, US)
Amazing Product

Really high quality and rapid delivery. Looks and works Amazingly!!!

Heavy duty!

This collar is extremely nice. The buckle is virtually indestructible and the collar material is thick and durable. I have complete control of my Coonhound at all times.

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Multicam Alpine
@dixie.miss_chievous (San Antonio, US)
Fi Cobra white multicam

This collar is really nicely constructed. The cobra release is simple to use and very heavy duty. The Fi attachments look and work just like the OEMs. Given the amount of hardware on this collar, it is heavy. Make sure your pup is physically able to wear it. @dixie.miss_chievous

Best Collar Ever

Best collar ever for our 3 active Labrador Retrievers!

Great collar and Leash. Very well made!.

I got the orange fi compatible collar and matching leash and it is very well made. Love the polished buckle and how easy it is to get on and off a very hyper Golden Retriever!. Customer service was absolutely amazing!.

Tab Lead
J.C. (Scarsdale, US)
Superb quality and craftsmanship

Well made. Great customer service.

Best collar I’ve bought.

Well-made and sturdy with quality equipment/materials and workmanship. Great customer service.

Great quality

I love these collars. They are amazing quality

Safe and Built to last

I absolutely love the style of this collar, the buckle is super stylish and heavy duty. In future when the green color gets old, we will be adding another Alphinhound collar to our collection! Only thing I wish was different is with the black out package I wish the prongs to hold in the Fi device were black and not silver. Other than that… No complaints

Safe and Super Stylish

Very happy that AlpinHound is now offering the continuous strap version for Fi collars. If you have big strong dogs that is a must. Awesome customer service and a super high quality feel. Highly recommended.

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Navy Blue
Stephanie Adam (Birdsboro, US)

This collar is durable, well made, and the hardware is impressive. We’ve had it almost one year and it still functions as well as it did out of the box. This is unusual as we hike rough wet terrain constantly.

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Navy Blue
Gregory Tosh (Charlotte, US)
When I needed a collar I could trust 100%

Our dog Rufus had canine dementia, and if he left the house he could not find his way home again. I bought him a Fi module to help with that, but the early Fi collars had a defect with the D-ring that caused them to fail sometimes. I wasn't aware at the time and sure enough, he broke his D-ring and started off. The Fi warned us and we found him, but needed a new collar for him. I had previously purchased from Alpinhound for our other dog, and knew the quality. With my dog's safety and well-being on the line I knew where to go. Rufus only got to wear his new collar for around a month before finally succumbing to dementia just before his 15th birthday. The peace of mind I got from knowing that his Alpinhound collar wouldn't let us down was worth every penny. I will never consider another collar for my dogs.

Fidlock V-buckle 25mm Split Bar Black with Pull
Bruce Barquist (Cottage Grove, US)

Works well. Easy to hookup

Gorgeous Collars

Great product. Could not be happier. Thanks!

dustin hostetler (Toledo, US)
a little awkward but pretty cool

I like these... the design is quirky but they are super easy to use. You can only put 3 or 4 tags on each, so if you currently have a lot of tags, you might want to get two of these.

VBuckle Collar Fire
dustin hostetler (Toledo, US)
Really well made but not 100% secure

I really like the look and feel of this collar, and the lock is super cool with its distinct magnet mechanism. I assumed it would be lock tight unless pulled on by a human, but I was wrong. Thankfully it's only happened in our fenced-in yard, but if my boy scratches his neck in just the right way with his back foot, the clasp comes open and the collar falls off. Thankfully we've got an apple air tag on it, so it wasn't lost. :)

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Red
Bethany Sokol (Lynnwood, US)
Looks and feels great!

Look at me sleeping like a baby with my new collar on! (OK well, I am technically still a baby.) Nice sturdy material with a movable reflective patch that holds my fi tracker well so mom can always find me and feed me. Mom was super happy to find out Aplinehound was local too!

Amazing collar along with best customer support

Wanted something rugged and stylish to replace the FI Tracker collar so I bought this collar. It was worth every penny, very durable and well made, I would buy it again.

Simply the best.

Cannot speak highly enough of these awesome collars. The fit and finish is unparalleled and we always know where our pup is.