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This collar is really nice easy on and off super solid design for my crazy little pup !!

Perfect solution

Freeze tags!! You don’t know what your missing until you attach this to your dogs collar. Sound, you don’t hear it anymore. No more clinking and you can quickly move it to other collars. No more struggling with split rings! Great product !

Fantastic no BS belt.

Couldn't be happier. Fast shipping even with a custom length request. Great work!

Most amazing customer service I've ever received on Etsy.

Asked a simple question about a custom order at 9pm on a Sunday and had my custom product in-hand by Friday afternoon. Also, an amazing product. I would only every endorse a buy-it-for-life product, and this thing is bulletproof (and super adjustable).. we'll have this forever!

Versatile, high quality, utilitarian leash!

This leash is incredibly versatile, very high quality, and is useful in so many scenarios. The two point adjustability of the length of the leash (the loop above the D ring and the slider above the swivel hook) is hugely helpful in finding just the right length. The D ring allows for quick and easy adjustability of the length on the fly and - as another reviewer noted - is excellent for clipping any accessories (bag holders, treat pockets, etc.) without adding any weight that creates tension for the dog while walking. The loop end with the magnetic fidlock v buckle is excellent for just about any use and i’ve found it can even serve as a quick extension of the length while walking if the dog gets tangled up or you need an extra foot or so. I have purchased three of these and absolutely love them. I cannot recommend them enough!

The quality is outstanding and I'm really pleased!!

Gregory worked with me on a custom order and I can't say enough great things about working with him or the final product. The quality is outstanding and I'm really pleased!!

Fidlock Martingale and leash

I am so grateful for the time and advice provided by Greg at Alpin Hound for a new Martingale Fidlock collar for my Iggy puppy! This innovative Fidlock magnetic clip - makes it easy to put on a very active puppy. Simply snap and GO!

Greg was wonderful to work with. He sent photos and offered his suggestions which were spot on and his response time impeccable. I highly recommend Alpin hound and Greg because I am confident you will receive the extraordinary service & products Alpin hound provides. You’ll know you’re taken care of by animal lovers who care about you and your pet by the meticulous work that is put into the craftsmanship of each collar, leash and product.

Thank you Greg for your time and care, Zeus loves his collar and the leash is exemplary! Wish the pics were better, Zeus is hard to hold down because he can’t wait to show everyone his Alpin Hound Fidlock collar and leash!

Best Regards,
Cynthia and Zeus


I was looking for a simple but strong collar for my 50 pound mutt - everything I found was either leather or had the plastic clasp that can break if yanked really hard. We recently switched from walking our dog on a gentle leader to his collar because he's slowing down a bit but he's still very strong, so we needed a strong collar. I love how quick and easy it is to take off and put back on, but it won't budge when he pulls. The color is also perfect for my brown and black brindle boy. The price is great for the quality of the item and I would recommend to anyone who's looking for a strong and nice looking collar for their dog.

Cool collar

Got one for my belgian malinois.
Work greats. Easy to take on and off.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Very pleased with the collar we received from Alpinhound! I can tell the quality is top notch. I was impressed by the speed of delivery as well. Highly recommend!

Arthritis Struggler

For arthritis strugglers, this collar is a game changer. No more fumbling around with traditional buckles or hard to squeeze plastic quick release buckles. This is my and Sweat Peas "Go to" collar.

Service Dog Collar

Bought this for our son's service dog. He needed a strong enough collar for his Black Lab/Belgian Malinois mix that he could easily put on and take off with one hand. The design on this collar is really beefy for a strong dog and the VBuckle design is easy to close and open with one hand. Great design for any dog owner with dexterity issues.

No More Clanking Tags

Finally, a tag holder that prevents tags on your dog collar from clanking and making noise. My dog is very active and his collar was always rattling. I just finished a walk with my dog and definitely noticed the reduction in noise. Great product!

Great Quality & Style

I am real happy with the new dog collar I just bought from Alpinhound. The materials are very high quality, the color is super solid and the quick release buckle works like a charm.

Best collar yet

Works like a dream and looks better. This is by far the best fitting collar I have ever used.
It is sturdy as hell and that clasp...very cool design.
I couldn't recommend this anymore.

Beautiful and sturdy.

Fast delivery! Well made.

Awesome Collar!

After receiving the collar with the metallic buckle, I have to say I am highly satisfied with the quality of the collar and the materials used to build it! Not only is it stylish, but also very functionable and easy to remove and put back on. Not only do I love the collar, but so does my pup! Definitely a 5 star rating from both of us, we are looking forward to purchasing a harness and leash!

Great quality!

Made of vary durable materials and the buckles are very unique and sturdy my dog absolutly loves it. Also looks great on him and has plenty of room for adjustment. Alot better then the basic ones you find in the pet stores

Beautiful, Strong & Trustworthy Collar!

I purchased the medium/large 15”-23” red collar for my 120 lb Great Dane. It fits great with room to loosen if needed. The collar is exceptional quality with a very smooth cobra quick release. The collar looks great and most importantly, I trust it to hold up to such a large and strong dog. This is by far the best quality collar I’ve ever had for my dogs. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. This is our new favorite collar and we will be purchasing another when necessary.

A solid sturdy leash.

A solid sturdy leash that I picked up along with a custom Vbuckle collar. The leash has the same high quality materials and attention to detail just like the collar. The D ring at the top is a perfect spot for a clip light or an extra bag or two.

The best dog collar and customer service!

I had been seeking out replacements for my dog’s collar for an easy to remove option. The Fidlock Vbuckle was exactly what I was looking for. I received fantastic customer service from Greg answering all my questions I had on sizing. He even made my dog the custom size and got it in the mail the very same day. The build quality and craftsmanship of the collar are top-notch. Not to mention it just looks awesome. Me and Pedro could not be happier!

The VBuckle Collar is Fantastic!

We were looking for a quick release system to take our dog’s collar off at night. We’d previously been using a basic nylon collar with plastic squeeze buckle, and WOW is this an upgrade. Amazing design and really easy to use. Incredible service from Alpinhound from answering pre-ordering questions to fast/sturdy shipping to follow-up to make sure everything worked out. 11 out of 10 experience!

Excellent Purchase

High Quality Collar shipped same day!

sleek and well made, beautiful collar - I want to get more colors! Thanks so much!

Athletic & trendy

Great product. A perfect fit for our 6 month chocolate lab.

Thanks for the photo and review Robyn! What a handsome fellow :)