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VBuckle Cordura Collar Wolf Gray
Jason Hermening (Saint Johns, US)
Quality Collar - Unsure on Buckle

The collar is well made and designed. Came quickly as well. Unfortunately for us, our pup has managed to remove it himself twice now by scratching.

Better than Amazon!

Product fits perfectly, cheaper than Amazon. Superior Customer Service. A company that still cares for its customers.

Well Made

Extremely solid, this thing will withstand anything your pup sends at it.
My one point of feedback would be that there are A LOT of "connection points" where a piece of hardware connects to the fabric and then back to more hardware, or where plastic pieces go over the points in-between the connections. The plastic pieces are HARD and have sharp corners and the multiple stitch points create multiple potential rub points on the interior of the collar. Will be great for outdoor time and activities but I'll be looking for something with fewer edges for every day.

Great product! Great People! Great Service

Picked up a FI compatible Evo Cobra . I Messed up my shipping address and they had it corrected at like 9 pm at night ! Phenomenal customer service ! Collar showed up quickly at my door and fits my pup well. Thus far it’s had no problems and has been more than strong enough to hold my 85lb German shepherd even if he decides he’s gonna be a stinker
. The FI unit fits well and can be charged without removing it from the collar. The quality of the components used in making this collar are of superb quality and finished nicely . Thanks for a great quality product!

COBRA® Biothane Collar Orange
Alexa (Oneonta, US)

This collar is amazing! It's pretty lightweight and looks great on our dog, Bonnie. It's wider than her original collar but doesn't look too big. She's a medium dog (~40lbs) and we got the smallest size based on her measurements. I think this thing will last a lifetime--very impressive quality.

We LOVE this collar!

I was searching for a stainless steel martingale collar for months and finally found this one and it's PERFECT. I love how easy it is to clip on and off. It's durable and the color doesn't rub off onto my dogs neck like other types of metals. It was a little loose on my dog's neck, so I brought it to my local hardware store and they clipped a few chains off to shorten it for free. Highly recommend this product!

Great collar

Perfect for my labradoodle. Great quality

COBRA® Cordura Collar Navy
Brendon (Roslindale, US)
Perfect collar

Got the medium when my chocolate lab was 3.5 months old and bought the large once he got full grown, although the medium still fits at the upper end of the range. Extremely easy to put on and take off, very durable, and very comfortable for the pup. Excellent collar!

Sleek well-made collar. Material is sturdy and looks great on my pup. Easy to tighten and loosen as well.

COBRA® Cordura Collar Red
Sticks (Secaucus, US)
Just what I wanted

Wanted a quality collar with a secure buckle and Alpinhound delivered.

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Red
Greg Matulionis (Batavia, US)
High quality

Fantastic customer service. There was some confusion on sizing. My request for a replacement collar was handle quickly with no issues. When the replacement collar showed up there was an antler included. I’m happy, my dog is happy.

Its a hit

My husband wanted the kryptec collar for his new doberman hes super happy with it and it looks great on our newest family member

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Multicam Alpine
Kylandra King-Nguyen (Atlanta, US)

Best collar we ever got! Our dog get mad even when we try to take it off of her. It dosnt snag her fur or anything. It a strong sturdy collar, also the owners are really amazing people. They took the chance to email me personal and just say hi.

Great collar

Well made, strong and exact fit with FI collar device. Highly recommend

Fi Compatible EVO COBRA® Pro Collar Multicam®
Francis Martin (San Francisco, US)
Terrific Collar

Very well made, very good looking, very happy all around, both dog and owner! Thanks.

Love this collar

Very green and easy to see! Love it on my ACD deaf dog. I can see him easily in the snow and find him in the yard :). It's also really heavy duty and great for tough players who sometimes tug the collars!

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Multicam Alpine

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Navy Blue
aaron foster (Roseville, US)
Great product

Strong and overbuilt, just how I thing all things should be made

COBRA® Cordura Collar Red
Juliana McGlosson (Falls Church, US)
Love this collar!

This is the second collar we've bought - we loved the first one so much for our dog Iceman that when our new puppy grew big enough we purchased the red collar for her too. We needed a durable collar for our active dogs and these are the best collars I've found that last and still hold up over time where the buckle doesn't fail over time.

Great Collar, Great Customer Service

I bought this to replace the original FI brand collar and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. It is very well-made and I really like the high visibility color. But what really stood out was the great customer service. Greg took the time to answer all of my questions, provided insights on buckle choice and the turnaround time in getting my order out to me was extremely quick.

Heavy duty!

This collar is built like a tank. No worries at all with our coonhound.

Great quality collar

Nice and bright, fit Fi perfectly and love the clasp

Amazing Quality & Amazing Customer Service

Received my Fi Compatible Evo Cobra Pro Collar today and from the moment I saw it I was eager to write a review - this collar is constructed incredibly well. I would be lying if I said I didn't look at this color before I even adopted Remus. I had been keeping my eye on the new Evo collars for awhile and was hoping to see a release for the color in coyote, I decided to reach out to customer service and Greg promptly told me that I could order the collar in coyote at no extra charge. The collar arrived a within the week I ordered it, including my Rifle Clip Key Ring and Fox 40 whistle. I have no doubt in the integrity of this collar and can guarantee I will be a returning customer.

Fi Compatible COBRA® Pro Collar Multicam
chad w chapman (Los Angeles, US)
Amazing Product

Really high quality and rapid delivery. Looks and works Amazingly!!!

Heavy duty!

This collar is extremely nice. The buckle is virtually indestructible and the collar material is thick and durable. I have complete control of my Coonhound at all times.