VBuckle Collar Olive Drab
VBuckle Collar Olive Drab
VBuckle Collar Olive Drab
VBuckle Collar Olive Drab
VBuckle Collar Olive Drab
VBuckle Collar Olive Drab

VBuckle Collar Olive Drab

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On the hunt for a dog collar that perfectly balances everyday functionality with a stylish look? If so, look no further because our V-Buckle Collar is just the thing you and your dog have been dreaming of!

Choosing to forgo all the unnecessary frills, the V-Buckle Collar is beautifully simplistic with a magnetic quick release design that utilizes an easy-to-use pull tab for effortless on and off. Relying on one-of-a -kind technology, the V-Buckle combines the technology of 2 separated fastening concepts for one extremely reliable and secure locking force.

  • Built to withstand wear and tear
  • Features a self-securing and reliable V-Buckle
  • Crafted from high quality and extremely durable 1” thick Nylon webbing
  • Supremely comfortable and enjoyable for dogs of all sizes

*Please note these Collars are not designed or intended to be used for tie outs, agitation, bite work, or military and police applications.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Jason Hermening (Saint Johns, US)
Quality Collar - Unsure on Buckle

The collar is well made and designed. Came quickly as well. Unfortunately for us, our pup has managed to remove it himself twice now by scratching.

KC (Pensacola, US)
Best Collar Ever

Best collar ever for our 3 active Labrador Retrievers!

dustin hostetler (Toledo, US)
Really well made but not 100% secure

I really like the look and feel of this collar, and the lock is super cool with its distinct magnet mechanism. I assumed it would be lock tight unless pulled on by a human, but I was wrong. Thankfully it's only happened in our fenced-in yard, but if my boy scratches his neck in just the right way with his back foot, the clasp comes open and the collar falls off. Thankfully we've got an apple air tag on it, so it wasn't lost. :)

Nordy (Youngsville, US)
Great Collar

This is a well made and beautiful collar.

Liz (Columbus, US)
Great collar

Love the buckle of the collar! Great quality.

Liz (Columbus, US)

Great collar! Love the color!

Liz (Columbus, US)
Great collar

Love this collar! The magnetic buckle is amazing! Makes removal very easy! The collar options are beautiful.

Great collar!

Can comfortably go smaller than the advertised limit with some manipulation!

Austin (Denver, US)
Good Size and Quality

If you need a more substantive collar, this 40mm is for you. My dog can be pretty destructive, but so far the collar has held up well. Add in the good construction, and I have to say that I am quite satisfied.

grateful (Palo Alto, US)
Great collar for everyone

We ordered these collars because buckle and snap collars are too difficult to use for arthritic hands and hands with a tremor. You don't need to have fine motor skills; you don't need to be able to grip; you don't need to hold the ends of the collar still to line them up. The ends of the magnetic buckle find each other if you hold them close. There is no loud snap when you buckle which is another bonus. I received the custom collars quickly. Thank you so much.