OSFA Magnetic Field Belt - OxBlood - Alpinhound Pet Co.
OSFA Magnetic Field Belt - OxBlood - Alpinhound Pet Co.
OSFA Magnetic Field Belt - OxBlood - Alpinhound Pet Co.
OSFA Magnetic Field Belt - OxBlood - Alpinhound Pet Co.
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OSFA Magnetic Field Belt - OxBlood

Tough gets reinvented and repurposed in the form of this stylish yet simple OSFA Magnetic Field Belt that incorporates thick Nylon and a classic Fidlock V-Buckle to achieve a fit so reliable, it’s essentially guaranteed to be unlike any other you’ve tried before! Harnessing the extreme durability of 1 inch wide Nylon strapping, this belt has a tensile strength of 4200 pounds… meaning even the strongest man alive couldn’t pull it apart. On top of this, the Fidlock V-Buckle creates a self-securing fasten that is based off the mechanics of 2 separate fastening concepts. With crazy strong fibers and a buckle that doesn’t mess around, the OSFA Magentic Field Belt is a must-have for those who can appreciate a classic look and quality craftsmanship.

  • One size fits all
  • Features incredibly strong Nylon strapping made in USA
  • Won’t tear or break like traditional belts
  • Fidlock V-Buckle offers super secure fasten
  • Makes an awesome gift for dads, boyfriends, husbands, etc.

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Customer Reviews

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Favourite belt

This is the second belt from Alpinhound I have and wanting more.
They are lightweight, easy to adjust need be and very durable.
The hardware use is topnotch.
15/10 would buy again

Gregory was very nice to work with and I appreciate how patient he was with my questions.

The belt got to me quickly and the quality actually exceeded my expectations! Thanks again :)

These are my favorite belts.

I can't think of anything wrong with this belt. It's a simple, minimalistic design made with high quality materials. The Fidlock V-Buckle is, in my opinion, the best Fidlock buckle for a low profile basic belt. The included strap keeper keeps it nice and neat-looking. Even though it's a no-bs belt, you can tell it's made by an experienced hand. The whole transaction was quick and painless. He sewed it up super quickly and shipped it all the morning after I ordered it, and I ordered it in the evening! Much respect to Greg for always being happy to help when I had sizing and product questions. If I ever get a dog, they're going to be wearing a comfortable and lightweight Alpinhound collar. No heavy and stiff leather with spikes going around my dog's neck.

Fantastic no BS belt.

Couldn't be happier. Fast shipping even with a custom length request. Great work!